clean eating two weeks

18 Day Clean Eating Program

What does it even mean to “eat clean” anymore? Is it ordering the almond milk matcha latte at our favorite coffee shop? Buying the latest quinoa pasta from Trader Joe’s? Or maybe it’s about finally cutting out all that gluten and dairy…

Every which way we turn, we’re confronted by food trends and food products claiming to be “clean.” They’ll restore our vibrancy! Help us lose weight! Boost our immunity! Fix our gut health! Given enough time, they might even turn us into the kind of Instragram influencer that introduced us to said product in the first place!

But if you’re sick of buying into the fads and continuing to feel… meh, I have an alternative.

This crash course in whole food eating actually puts you in touch with your body again. It’s a “diet” that leaves you nourished, satiated, energized, and confident. It’s a non-diet-diet that cuts out the junk and provides clarity around food and food choices. If you’ve been struggling to find health and feel good, this 18 program is for you.

what’s included:

  • Your Clean Eating Guide is loaded with all the info you need to begin rebooting your health.

  • An easy-reference, At a Glance file with all your recipes and meals laid out for two full weeks of eating.

  • A full Recipe Guide filled with extras like simple snacks, dressings, and more that you’ll reference again and again.

  • Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists to make hitting the grocery store as stress-free and straightforward as possible each week.

  • Daily morning emails to keep you on-track and motivated.

  • A Cheat Sheet for recommended brands and easy online shopping for those harder-to-locate products.

  • Your Daily Schedule to keep you on track.

  • A Food Diary PDF to print off and track how YOUR body responds to changes.

  • Private access: all the one-on-one support you need to help guide you through this journey.

What’s NOT included:

  • Hunger.

  • Deprivation.

  • Long lists of supplements or fad products to purchase.

Want in?

What the people are saying:

I definitely felt like it zapped excess bloat and gave me sufficient energy, but I also slept better. I am not a cook at all, but learned some new skillz I’m excited to continue to use.
— DB
I feel as though my skin looks clearer, and I’ve had an amazing amount of energy- have been sleeping so good at night too !!
— LW
This is the first time I have followed a food program that I genuinely enjoyed, and was excited to continue... I enjoyed the meals so much and feel like I have a whole new understanding of what clean eating looks like. It’s fucking delicious!
— TH
Loved the organization of the cleanse, and the daily emails, which were grounding and helped me to feel supported.
— KC
Are you ready to regain your vibrancy?

how it works:

Your first email will arrive the morning before your Clean Eating program starts. This will include the link to all the files you’ll need for the next 18 days.

For the next four days, daily emails will guide you through a gentle prep phase where you’ll start to cut back on the foods and practices not serving your health.

The next full week is packed full of simple, nutrient-dense whole foods. Potential allergens and gut irritants are removed to give your body the space it needs to heal, restore, and cleanse. Daily emails offer additional tips and guidance as you navigate your body’s needs.

The second and final week gradually reintroduces a wider variety of whole foods. You’ll be coached through symptom monitoring and best practices with daily emails.