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18 day Clean eating program

You're a busy bee. Your health is fine, but you feel like it could be improved. You're functioning and you'd rather be thriving. If you only had the time to figure out which diet was right and what lifestyle changes were important and how to finally start that transcendental meditation thing...

This 18 day program is designed to jump-start you to that healthier place. We'll refresh your body with healthy, whole foods choices for more energy, improved digestion, decreased inflammation, better hormone balance, and more. Thanks to a simple elimination diet approach, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what makes you feel your best. Mini cookbook, two week meal plan, clean living guide, shopping lists, prep lists, and daily email love included.

Transcendental meditation not required.


four weeks of food

You know how to choose healthy food at the supermarket. You can roast a pan of vegetables like no one’s business. But you want to see better results from your active lifestyle and you feel like your food choices could have something to do with it. But how to know what to choose? Should you be counting calories? Measuring macros? Eating all the protein all the time?!

In 4 Weeks of Food we'll work progressively through the major food groups and learn which choices are healthiest for your body's needs. We'll talk nutrition, digestion, and strategies around optimizing your fitness, whether you’re hitting the gym or not.

Includes a weekly e-book, meal plans, nutrition charts, and email support. Side effects may include increased energy, improved digestion, and feeling of general well-being.


You do you

Not sure what timeline and plan is best for you? Let's explore that together in a free, 15 minute consult. From one month to six, we'll decide on a strategy that addresses your needs with efficient and effective stepping stones. Here's to your best health.